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When you face criminal charges in Ottawa, your freedom and future are on the line. Conviction can have serious consequences on your personal and professional life. It is extremely important that you engage a criminal defence lawyer who knows the Ottawa criminal process and court system and how to present the best possible defence.

At Yoav Niv Ottawa, we have the knowledge and skill to fight for you. If you are facing criminal charges, book a free 45-minute consultation online or call +1 (613) 518-2906 and learn how Yoav Niv Ottawa can help you.

Understanding Ottawa Criminal Charges

Yoav Niv offers legal defence against all major criminal charges in Ottawa, such as:

We also handle charges for organized crimes, including gambling, street gangs, vehicle theft, prostitution and others.

Each one of these offences carries significant penalties on conviction. Anyone alleged to commit these crimes is presumed innocent until proven guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt, after a fair trial. Every person facing criminal charges in Ottawa has rights, starting with the right to know the potential consequences of these charges and the procedures of the Canadian legal system.

Conviction of a crime in Ottawa can have a very serious impact on a person’s future and may include:

  • Jail
  • Criminal record
  • Loss of employment
  • Threaten immigration status
  • Prohibited international travel, including travel to the U.S.

Understanding the Canadian legal system and your rights as an accused person is vital to your case. Lawyer Yoav Niv can help you face criminal charges in Ottawa, knowing you have the strongest possible legal counsel on your side.

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Immediate Steps to Take

It all can happen so quickly. An accident, a disagreement that escalates quickly, getting pulled over on a road you drive every day, and so many other situations can change a person’s life forever. The first things to do when arrested or even suspected of a crime are to remain silent and to seek legal representation. Face criminal charges with confidence with an experienced criminal defence lawyer in Ottawa.

Your lawyer can inform and advise you of your rights as a Canadian. Once under arrest, you have the right to remain silent. It is difficult to predict what words will help or harm you in your legal situation, especially at the time of arrest when emotions run high. By exercising your right to silence, you are potentially saving yourself from deflating your defence before charges are even filed.

Cooperating with law enforcement while exercising your right to remain silent can go a long way. Resisting arrest makes the immediate situation worse and can impact your ability to obtain reasonable bail and a stiffer penalty on sentencing. .

You also have the right to know the charges against you as well as the evidence the Crown attorney plans to use against you in their case. Gathering important information and documentation related to the case can help you be prepared with the toughest possible legal defence.

Finally, everyone has the right to be presumed innocent of any crime until found guilty in court. Facing Ottawa criminal charges with this mindset makes for a strong basis on which to begin mounting a defence. If you are facing criminal charges, contact Yoav Niv Ottawa online or call +1 (613) 518-2906 to schedule a free consultation.

The Legal Process for Criminal Cases in Ottawa

The strongest approach to facing criminal charges is to understand the criminal process. In this way, you and your criminal defence lawyer can prepare a strategy for each step.

When you are arrested, you have the right to remain silent in order not to incriminate yourself in any involvement in unlawful behaviour. Arresting officers will most likely conduct a search of you and your vehicle, home or grounds if the police believe it to be necessary. You have a right to know why you are being arrested and for which infraction.

After your arrest, you may be released by a police officer with undertaking to appear for fingerprinting and in court. It is important to comply with these appointments because failure to do so can result in criminal charges and a warrant for your arrest. If you are not released by the police officer, you will be taken to the police station for booking. Within about 24 hours of being booked, you will be brought before a justice or justice of the peace for a bail hearing. The justice or justice of the peace at the bail hearing decides to release or detain you.

If bail is granted, you will be allowed to remain in the community while your case works through the legal system. Your criminal defence lawyer helps you determine your bail plan, including where you will live and how you will abide by any conditions of bail. You will be given a date and time for the first court appearance in your case.

This first court appearance before the criminal court is essentially an administrative hearing that begins your journey through the criminal justice system. It is common that there is no disclosure or information available about your case prior to that hearing. While it is important that you attend, the prosecutor and the judge who are in court that day are usually unfamiliar with the case. On most occasions, your case will be repeatedly adjourned for the purposes of obtaining disclosure. This includes a packet outlining the evidence that the police and Crown’s attorney have gathered in the case against you.

The first few court appearances helps the defence get organized in creating a specific approach to facing your criminal charges. Here, Yoav Niv can design a defence to discredit, combat, or otherwise weaken the structure of the Crown’s case. The best path toward resolving your criminal matter may become clearer. Your criminal defence lawyer will discuss the pros and cons of trial and each potential plea negotiation so you can make an informed decision about your future.

Building a Strong Defence

The core of a strong legal defence is a skilled criminal defence lawyer who vigorously advocates for your rights, interests and innocence at every turn. Defence strategies examine and consider the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case, which may include:

  • Identifying and securing witnesses
  • Gathering supporting documentation
  • Investigating alternate explanations of the alleged crime
  • Employing expert testimony
  • Establishing counter-evidence to refute the Crown’s claims

Every defence is unique and reflects the specific charges and evidence of each criminal charge. A robust defence anticipates every angle, argument and alternative theory to counter the Crown’s case. Your lawyer should advocate for your rights and interests throughout the criminal process.

Navigating the Courtroom

Just as in the manner that the case and defence are presented in court, appearance is everything. The justice’s first impressions are informed by your dress and behaviour, so preparing to look presentable and composed can help your case. Even with the best possible defence, facing criminal charges in Ottawa is serious, and you should look like you are taking the matter seriously.

Firstly, it is important to be on time or early. Know the date, time and location of your court appearance, and make sure to be present. You will have to go through a security check before entering the court, and you want to be present when the judge is ready to hear your case. Arriving early can also give you a few extra moments to meet with your lawyer for a last-minute discussion before proceedings begin.

Secondly, dress appropriately in clean, neat clothes, with no sunglasses or headphones. Facing criminal charges is no time to listen to music, use an iPad, or any other distracting behaviour. It is a good idea to turn off your cell phone before entering court.

Once in court, be respectful to all parties, including the judge, the Crown’s attorney, and all court staff present. Proper court conduct for a defendant includes:

  • Listening to instructions
  • Responding appropriately
  • Speaking only when asked and indicated by your lawyer
  • Presenting yourself positively
  • Maintaining composure

All of these behaviours show you understand you are facing serious criminal charges and that you take your case just as seriously.

Managing the Impact on Your Life

Coping with the emotional and psychological toll of Ottawa criminal charges can have a profound effect on your personal and professional life. The consequences of criminal charges reach far beyond the courtroom, throughout your life and into your future. It is critical that you address all possible fallout of your criminal charges with the advice of your criminal lawyer so that you can emerge from this ordeal with your life and prospects as intact as possible.

Face Ottawa Criminal Charges with Experience on Your Side

You deserve experienced, capable legal representation on your side. Yoav Niv walks you through this difficult and daunting time with patience, strength and compassion. If you are facing criminal charges, call +1 (613) 518-2906 or contact the firm online to book a free 45-minute consultation and learn how Yoav Niv Ottawa can help you.

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Yoav is genuine and it’s apparent how much he cares about his clients wellbeing. If anyone needs exceptional representation, Yoav is by far your best bet to get the results you need.

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Excellent, criminal defence lawyer. Mr. Niv went above and beyond expectations. Very easy to communicate with and responds promptly to phone and email. I would highly recommend his services!

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My criminal defence practice operates under the philosophy that all individuals are presumed innocent and have the right to a dedicated defence and a fair trial.

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